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Is it really haunted? YES!

We can tell you from personal experience that yes, the Mason House Inn is definitely a paranormal hotspot.  We have a large community of spirits living amongst us and we love having them here! This isn't your typical "run of the mill" haunted house where there are negative spirits or demons.  There is nothing negative here and we need to keep it that way. We do not allow Ouija boards of any kind into our home. The spirits have expressed concern with these boards because they open portals to anything. So let’s keep the bad away and the good right here with us. We respect them and they respect us. They walked these floors before we did and we believe it's important to remember that.  Are all of our rooms haunted? No, we do have rooms that are not haunted so if it's not your thing, that's ok! We have something for everyone! Do we allow paranormal investigations? ABSOLUTELY! If you have a team of investigators or are by yourself, we can accommodate you. Please keep in mind as this is also our home, and we do not allow "lock out" style investigations, but you can either book the entire main house or you can book certain rooms.  If you book the entire main house, it means that the parlor room, room 1, the dining room, the entire second floor are available for your investigation without other guests in the house.  We will be out of the way as much as we can.  If you book certain rooms, other guests may be in rooms not booked in the main house.  Keep in mind, there are no "ghost boxes" allowed. This has been requested by the spirits themselves. Lastly, we do not allow alcohol with any investigations. Spirits and spirits don't mix! Please contact us if you're interested and we will get you set up!