The Mason House Inn

Welcome to The Mason House Inn! 319-592-3133

House Rules


No firearms whatsoever, even if you are a conceal carry. We have two spirits who know how to pull a trigger so we do not allow any firearms in our home at all. This is for your safety and everyone else’s.  Feel free to leave it in your vehicle.  If you still want to bring one in, you will be asked to leave. 

No Ouija boards are allowed in our home.  These are dangerous to a place such as ours. As we have only good spirits here and already a lot of protected portals, a Ouija board is not protected and allows anything to come through the portal it opens.

 We do not have a liquor license so please keep the alcohol you wish to have consumable only by who is 21 years or older in your room. Please note: this is not a party house.